Refund and Cancellation

  • Cancellation policy

    If the customer want to cancel his paid phone/direct consultation after been successfully made the payment and allotted a time slot, and the service has not been concluded/provided due to any avoidable / unavoidable reason(s) from the Professional, we must be notified of the same in writing by an email at

    Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive your email. Cancellation can be requested no later than 6 hours before final phone/direct consultation time. In case of email consultation the customer can opt for cancellation after the lawyer failed to provide the consultation within the 7 days from the successful booking date.

    In case the phone/direct consultation is booked within the 6 hour period, the User will not be able to cancel the consultation and no refund of money shall be awarded. Our Customer Support team will contact you within 3 business days and in cases where the Professional has not delivered the service, we will return your money within twelve (12) business days from the day the request for Cancellation was received. However, in the event you refuse/cancel the service, a cancellation service charge will be deducted and the balance money will be returned within twelve (12) business days from the day the request for Cancellation was received.

    Documentation Services
    After placing an order, if the Customer wishes to cancel the order, the Customer shall call on +91 7090100096 or send an email tofeedback@legalconclave.comm along with the Tracking/Processing ID that need to be cancelled and can ask for cancellation of the order by a valid reason within 3 hours of placing the order.

    • Cancellation Policy is not applicable in the following cases
    • After the 'Proof' has been verified by the customer
    • Custom documentation service requested by the customer
    • By the fault or mistake of the Customer
  • Refund Policy


    If your request for consultation is accepted but post-payment due to unexpected circumstances, your request for service is rejected or cancelled; You will get an option to choose another service request or a complete refund, as you wish. You will receive the complete refund within twelve (12) business days only if Legalconclave team finds that the Professional has not provided the service you have paid.

    In case your credit card/debit card/payment account has been accidentally over-charged, please notify of the same at the earliest. will refund the outstanding amount to your Payment Account within twelve (12) working days.

    Users have to strictly maintain a unique Transaction ID which would be provided at the time of placing a request.

    There is No other situation under which will provide a refund, except for the condition expressly mentioned above under Refund Policy. In exceptional circumstances, team will work with you to reach a mutually acceptable solution. and Legalconclave team intends to be objective, fair and reasonable in resolving such situations in order to maintain a positive and happy relationship with the users.

    No refund in any case whatsoever can be claimed from for the amount paid to the Professional directly by the User

    Document Service

    Refund request has to be initiated by sending an email to Any request for refund owing to a mistake or error attributable to us shall be entertained within 24 hours of the document delivery.

    Legalconclave will process your request within 12 - 24 business days of receiving all the information required for processing refund like reason for refund, bank details, transaction-id etc.

    During processing of any refund, a deduction of 15% plus any cost paid to the government would be applicable.

    Any fees paid as Government Fees, Stamp Duty and other charges paid to third party vendors be cannot be refunded.